Savage Hill Cattle Co. at Matson Farm is located in the heart of Connecticut. They utilize Black Angus cattle crossbred with Wagyu cattle (Wagyu cattle produce the meat more commonly known as Kobe beef). This allows them to take advantage of the superior hybrid vigor traits which make them more hearty, healthy and naturally productive.  All of the animals are kept outdoors in a low stress environment year round, with the exception of a young calf and mother in very inclement weather. Producing quality grass-fed beef is no easy task; the introduction of Wagyu genetics has made an enormous impact on the flavor and tenderness of the beef without compromising the quality you would expect from a great steak.
Old fashioned farming; no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides; No artificial growth hormone, antibiotics or other drugs !

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575 Main Street
Middletown, CT 06457
(860) 346-1786
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