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Banana Peel Curry

Dive into an adventurous culinary experience with our Banana Peel Curry. This innovative and sustainability-minded dish transforms the often-discarded banana peel into a scrumptious, star ingredient. Its surprising flavor and texture will leave you delighted and make you reconsider the potentials of food waste.

This recipe serves 4 and is gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan-friendly. It starts with the preparation of the banana peels, which are softened by soaking in hot water and then shredded and minced to provide a unique, fibrous component. The peel not only adds to the texture of the dish but also brings a subtle, sweet undertone that complements the robust flavors of the curry.

The cooking process begins with sautéing onions and a cinnamon stick in avocado oil until translucent. Garlic, ginger, and curry powder are then added, which releases a burst of aromatic scents, signaling the creation of a flavorsome base for the curry.

Cauliflower florets and the prepared banana peel are added next, followed by stock or water. The mixture is left to simmer until the cauliflower becomes tender, allowing the components to absorb the array of spices.

The final touch to the dish is the creamy coconut milk, which is stirred in alongside sea salt, cane sugar, and lime juice. This combination lends a comforting, creamy texture, balances the heat from the curry powder, and adds a hint of tropical sweetness. The lime juice brings a refreshing tang, creating a well-rounded flavor profile for the curry.

The curry is then served hot, paired beautifully with fluffy basmati rice which helps to soak up the flavorful sauce. In just 35 minutes, you will have prepared a delectable curry that not only satiates your taste buds but also contributes towards a zero-waste kitchen.

This Banana Peel Curry is an exciting journey of flavors and an embodiment of creative, sustainable cooking.

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