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Coconut Almond Tart

Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with a gluten-free and grain-free dessert that doesn’t skimp on flavor. The Coconut Almond Tart combines the richness of semi-sweet chocolate, the creamy texture of coconut milk, and the nutty flavor of almonds for a dessert that is as decadent as it is satisfying.

This recipe serves 6-8 people and requires around 55 minutes of preparation, with an additional 3-5 hours of chilling time to achieve the perfect consistency. It starts with an almond flour crust that’s mixed with cocoa powder and cane sugar, creating a robust and flavorful base that’s held together by melted plant-based butter. Pressed into a lightly greased tart pan, the crust is pricked with a fork and then baked to perfection.

While the crust cools, the luscious filling is prepared. Egg yolks and sugar are whisked together in a small saucepan before adding in coconut milk, forming a smooth, rich mixture. This blend is then heated until it thickens, constantly stirred to prevent scorching. Finely chopped semi-sweet chocolate is added to this mixture, melting into the coconut custard and lending a rich depth of flavor.

The chocolate custard is passed through a fine mesh sieve to ensure a silky-smooth texture and then allowed to cool slightly before pouring it into the crust. After the filling is smoothed out, the tart is refrigerated until set, creating a luxurious, custard-like consistency.

The finishing touches are applied just before serving. The tart is dusted with cocoa powder, adding a touch of bitterness that complements the richness of the filling. Melted semi-sweet chocolate is then drizzled over the top, adding a beautiful, artistic touch and an additional layer of chocolate flavor. After another hour of chilling to set the topping, this delicious Coconut Almond Tart is ready to be enjoyed. Whether you’re serving it at a special gathering or enjoying a slice for a decadent dessert, this tart is sure to impress.

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