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Three Sisters Stew

Warm up your home with the nourishing comfort of our Three Sisters Stew. A tribute to the traditional Native American cuisine, this wholesome stew brings together corn, beans, and squash — the ‘Three Sisters’ of Native American farming — in a hearty, nutritious blend.

This recipe is rooted in heritage and is as rich in history as it is in flavor. It features 1.5 pounds of hearty winter squash and a pound of russet potatoes, which are simmered in a savory broth until tender. The addition of green beans and hominy corn kernels lends a delightful contrast of textures and colors to this stew.

The flavors of this stew are further deepened by a robust blend of spices and herbs. Fresh or dried savory, minced garlic, and ground black pepper all meld together with the natural flavors of the vegetables to create a taste that is deeply satisfying. A generous addition of crushed tomatoes gives the stew a rich and hearty base.

This recipe starts with sautéing onion until translucent in sunflower oil, a heart-healthy oil that adds its own subtle flavor. Then, garlic is added and cooked just until fragrant. The stock is introduced, followed by the winter squash, seasonings, and the remaining vegetables. The result is a hearty stew that’s as nutritious as it is satisfying.

The Three Sisters Stew is a gluten-free and dairy-free dish, which makes it suitable for a variety of dietary preferences. It serves six, making it an excellent choice for a family meal or for meal prepping. The inclusion of optional minced parsley as a garnish adds a pop of color and an additional layer of flavor.

In under an hour, you can create a dish that’s not only delicious and healthy, but also resonates with a rich cultural history. So gather around the table and warm up with a bowl of this delicious Three Sisters Stew.

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