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Coconut Hemp Protein Bites

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

This nutritious and flavorful recipe delivers a delicious combination of diverse textures and a balance of sweet and nutty flavors in the form of compact, bite-sized treats. The Coconut Hemp Protein Bites are a powerhouse of proteins and good fats, perfect as an energy-boosting snack or a healthy dessert option.

At the heart of these protein bites are wholesome ingredients like raisins, sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, and walnuts, which contribute to the chewy and crunchy texture of the treats. Hemp hearts, hemp protein powder, and chia seeds are added to the mix, providing a substantial protein boost that makes these bites an ideal pre or post-workout snack.

The recipe also incorporates almond butter and maple syrup, lending a natural, mild sweetness that pairs beautifully with the nutty ingredients. To finish, each protein bite is rolled in shredded coconut, enhancing not only the flavor profile but also the visual appeal of the snack.

Easy to prepare and requiring no baking, these protein bites are a practical, healthy choice for those who lead a busy lifestyle. Once prepared, these bites can be refrigerated and enjoyed throughout the week, providing a quick source of energy whenever needed.

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