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Asparagus Pappardelle

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

This Asparagus Pappardelle recipe showcases the light, fresh flavors of spring in a creamy, comforting pasta dish. Wide, tender ribbons of pappardelle serve as the base, tossed in a rich sauce that blends the mild bite of asiago cheese with the velvety smoothness of heavy cream. Fresh asparagus and peas bring a delightful crunch and a pop of color to the dish, while the shallots and garlic sautéed in olive oil add a depth of flavor that perfectly complements the pasta and vegetables.

Each serving is topped off with fresh dill, introducing an aromatic brightness that ties the entire dish together. This Asparagus Pappardelle is a treat for the senses, both visually appealing and full of texture and taste. It's a versatile recipe that's perfect for a weeknight family dinner or a sophisticated gathering with friends.

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