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Swiss Mushroom Quinoa Burgers

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Swiss Mushroom Quinoa Burgers present a delightful twist on the traditional burger, offering a robust flavor and texture profile that is sure to satisfy both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. The heart of this recipe is the homemade burger patty, a harmonious blend of protein-rich quinoa, hearty chickpeas, and flavorful vegetarian soup base, bound together with eggs and panko breadcrumbs. The patties are lightly fried in avocado oil until they achieve a delectable golden-brown crust.

Building the burger introduces more layers of taste and texture. A slice of plant-based Swiss cheese melts over the warm patty, followed by a heap of sautéed cremini mushrooms adding a savory, earthy flavor. Freshly sliced tomatoes and crunchy romaine lettuce offer a refreshing contrast, while thinly sliced red onion imparts a slight sharpness. The burger is finished with a smear of ketchup and mustard atop the bun, bringing a tangy sweetness that perfectly complements the other ingredients.

This Swiss Mushroom Quinoa Burger is a gourmet take on the classic burger, promising a satisfying depth of flavors and a wholesome, filling meal. Perfect for a family barbecue, a casual dinner, or even a slightly fancy lunch!

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